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head to toe toronto


If you’re in need of a professional massage therapist in Scarborough, ON, then look no further than Head to Toe Beauty and Massage

Well educated and trained in massage therapy, Head to Toe Beauty and Massage is able to identify and treat a wide variety of injuries and tension. Our treatment will rejuvenate and relax you.

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Spa Lab - A definitive spa collection

If you are looking to escape the outside world and retreat to a luxuries spa, look no further than head to toe beauty and massage. This day spa is guaranteed to impress with essential spa facilities, an extensive brochure of heavenly treatments   and a team of highly qualified beauty and massage therapists. The Spa menu includes a thoughtfully selected range of massages, body scrubs, and facials, for both men and women

We guarantee that you’ve never experienced such an experience ever before…..this is where your stars will make you shine !

Head to toe beauty and Massage

  •  Use natural way to heal body
  •   100% safe for your skin
  •   Unique from other spa treatments
  •   Use pure herbal oil
  •   Quality products used for skin treatments

Utilizes essential oils to enable the body's natural healing

Skin Care

Rejuvenate skin with special care

Herbal Spa

Use a natural way to treat body

Stone Theraphy

Uses the direct heat of stones to relax muscles