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A1 Herbal
Bansa Tablet (Adhatoda Vasica)

A1 Herbal Giloy Tablet

A1 Herbal
Ashwangandha Tablet

A1 Herbal shilajit Capsule

Bansa herbs for use Cough Bronchits and Asthma
one Morning one evening.

Giloy is Anti-Arthritic, Anti Pyretic, Use in Treatment of Chronic Fever, Gout, Cardiac Debility Skin Problems, Anemia, Jaundice Leprosy and All Type of Cancers, Giloy is “God Gift” Natural Treatment.

Ashwangandha is Gentle General Tonic Body, Strengthens Tissues Muscles, Bones, Restores Vitality, Strength, Energy and Anemia
One Morning and Evening

Shatavari Aids in Releasing extra Water Weight during Periods in can also help increase the Love felt between two partners

A1 HerbalHaldi Tablet (Turmeric)

Tablet Stomach Pain
Help For Arthritis
Also Use Lung Infections and Anti Inflammatory.

A1 HerbalNeem Tablet

Neem Leaf is useful for Bloody Nose, Skin Ulcers, Blood Vessels, Fever Diabetes and Lever Problems
Neem also use in Skin, Pimple Problems and Skin Softener
One Morning One Evening

A1 HerbalTriphala Capsule

Very Useful for Reduces Fat and Control Weight 3 Promoter Hair Growth Controls
Blood Pressure keep your Digestive System Healthy & Relieves Constipation, Purify Blood

A1 Herbal Karri Leaf Capsule

Ajwain + Mint
Karri Patta is rich source & Iron and Folic Acid, if you are a heavy Drinker that could be damaging your Liver then Karri Leaf is your best friend it help for Gas Problems, High Uric Acid Lowers Cholesterol and protects you from Heart Disease Help for your Stomach and Digestion, very useful for over weight

A1 HerbalPunarnava Tablet

This Herb Helpful Joint Pain, Swellings in the Body – Punarnava Promotes Balanced Fluids Level in Tissues and the Aids in Healthy Flow in Urine.

A1 HerbalAshoka Tablet

Ashoka is Favorable in Curing Uterus disorders like Uterine Fibroids and Uterine Hemorrhages it.
Menopausal Troubles like Painful Menses, Excessive Menstrual Bleeding and Scanty Menses
Help for Leucorrhoea
One Morning and Evening

A1 Herbal Garlic Capsule

Garlic is used for many conditions related to the Heart and Blood System
These Conditions include High Blood Pressure, High Cholesterol Coronary Heart Disease, Heart Attack, Garlic is very useful for Weight Loose and Control Body Fit

A1 HerbalUricool Tablet

Use for Uric Acid

A1 HerbalGuggul Tablet

Used for Arthritis – Lowering High Cholesterol and Weight Loos.

A1 HerbalArjuna Tablet

Teminalia Tree
Help for (Cardiovascular Disease) Heart Disease and related Chest pain, High Blood Pressure, High Cholesterol
One Morning One Evening

A1 Herbal Action 47 Capsule

Very Useful for General Weakness very Good, Useful Sex weakness
Action 47 is for 50+ aged body

A1 HerbalLuco Tablet

Luco Tablet use for Uterus Problems Menopause Problems, LeuCorrhoea, Urinary Problems

A1 HerbalGokshura Tablet

Help to Support Urinary System
Help to Maintain a Healthy Urinary Functioning
One Morning One Evening

A1 HerbalTulsi Tablet

Use for Cold and Cough

A1 HerbalBrahmi Capsule

Brahmi help for improving Memory, Anxiety Attention and General Tonic to Fight Stress, Very useful to Hair lose Treatment

A1 Herbal Piles Tablet

Piles Tablet is very useful for All Type Piles

A1 Herbal Heart Spot Organic

Help for High Low Cholesterol and All type of Heart Problems

A1 Herbal Aloevera Shampoo

Use for Anti Dandruff & All Care Your Hair

Aloevera Juice

General Body Tonic

Wheat Grass, Amla Juice

Natural iron & Calcium Juice

A1 Herbal Heart Spot Organic

Help for High Low Cholesterol and All type of Heart Problems

A1 Herbal Aloevera Gel

All Natural Aloevera Gel is Safe & Effective your Skin Gel also helps Breakouts resuting in Smoother Skin

Aloevera, Pineapple Juice

Control Uric Acid

A1 Herbal Slimming Tea

A1 Herbal Heart Care Tea

A1 Herbal Anti Allergic Tablet

Help For all Type of Allergic Problems

A1 Herbal Aloevera Gel + Rose

Useful for your Soothes Skin Rashes & Itchy Skin

Aloevera Amla Juice

Rich Source of Iron

Five in One Juice

All Body Care Tonic

A1 Herbal Mensolex Tablet

Very Useful Monthly Problem and General Tonic for Females

A1 Herbal Dant Manjan

Very Useful Natural Natural Ingredients Debtal Care for Kids, Adults, Seniors, Dental Problems

Brahmi, Sankhpushpi Juice

For Brain Tonic

 A1 Herbal Green Tea

A1 Herbal Noni Juice

Noni Juice Useful for General Body Weakness

A1 Herbal Liv 55 Tablets

For Care Your Liver Problems

Arjuna Brahmi Juice

Total Heart Care Juice

Triffla Juice

For Constipation

 A1 Herbal Amla Juice

Very Useful for Enemia, Natural Treatment of General Body Weakness

A1 Herbal Enzyme Tablet

Herbal Enzyme for Gas/Acid Problem

Amla Juice

Natural Iron

A1 Herbal Biston Capsule

For General Body Weakness, Sex Problem Male & Female

A1 Herbal Arjuna Brahmi

Total Health Care Juice

A1 Herbal Laxofit Capsule

Gas/Acid & Constipation Problem

Noni Juice

For General Tonic

A1 Herbal Dr. Joint Care Oil

Help for Joint Pain Knee, Joint Back Shoulder Pain

A1 Herbal Hair Oil

Useful for Anti Dandruff, Loss Hair, This is a Natural Oil, Best Your Hair Care

 A1 Herbal Tasty Green Tea

A1 Herbal Skin Care

Useful for White Skin, Skin Problem, Dandruff, Skin Allergy, Skin Psoriasis, All Skin Diseases, Skin Eczema

 A1 Herbal Khalas Herbal Tea